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The walk with
Women & Children

Founded and registered in 2019, The walk with Women & Children strives to build a sisterhood movement among women and girls by leveraging the ‘power of the collective’ to advance their personal, social, health, education and economic rights. The fundamental basis of our operations is unity, partnership and collaboration in our ‘walk as women & for our children,’ and so we work with visionary community- embedded organisations that empower women and girls to achieve their full potential through the freedom, ownership and will of ‘choice.’

Our collaborative efforts ensure that we create supportive, safe and healthy environments through innovative programs and services that range from developing personal accountability to financial literacy, to eradicating harmful social narratives and uninformed health choices, to promoting education and self-esteem.

We do this by fundraising, hosting events, advocacy campaigns, activism, interventions, research and grant opportunities to support low-income, disadvantaged women and girls.

Therefore, because we know that we can’t do it alone, we encourage philanthropy to support women and girls by raising awareness of the needs, aspirations and accomplishments of outstanding women-led organisations.



Reinforcing our Commitment


One Step at a Time

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